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access control

An access control system's purpose has evolved from just allowing authorized personnel in restricted areas into a central management system. Conveniently create/alter an individuals access level, hours of access and add them to the database. The central database will allow you to record employee attendance, track who has entered a restricted area and simplify contractor visits. Deciding what features best suit your business/home can be difficult. Our team will analyze your specific needs, design a system and explain the installation process from beginning to end.



Smart card readers, biometric, proximity, keypads, Bar code

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Integrated security software, web-based access control, managed access control



Eliminate the stress of losing a key. with one touch you can open your door remotely for a family member, dogwalker, cleaning service, etc


smart door locks

Modern technology has improved and simplified the use of door locks. Eliminate the stress of yourself or another family member being locked out of the house. Now with an app and a touch of the screen you can lock/unlock your doors from anywhere.    

You can create 24 hour e-keys for any visitor and resend that key as often as needed.

For more continual visitors such as a dog-walker or house cleaning service, you can setup time fencing. This feature allows you to set the day and time you wish to grant access visitors.

Other features include notifications when your door has been opened and the capability for locking/unlocking with your smart watch.





things to know



  • Control what time and what level of access your employees and visitors are granted

  • Improve payroll efficiency

  • Lock/unlock doors remotely

  • Prevent widespread knowledge of a door entry code and eliminate the risk of a former employee entering without permission

  • Protect employees from an unwanted intrusion

  • Simplify the distribution of keys as needed with our smart door locks